The Alhambra Granada Spain

The Alhambra, Granada, Spain


To many, the Alhambra in Granada is the most beautiful building in the world. Instead of making its effect by making the rooms and the elements of the building larger and more bombastic, like a Baroque palace, it makes its point by making the building more complex. In the same way that Gothic cathedrals expressed their religious feeling by being taller and bigger, the Alhambra expresses its view of magnificence my multiplying the number of courtyards, of pools, of rooms, and of patterns. It is amazingly complicated.

In this painting the light from the courtyard spills ont the wet marble floor and makes a reflection of the copper doors. The arches and the person are silhouetted against the shine. The man in the burnoose is Rashid Lamrani, who was our guide in Morocco. He is a very modern young man, but one day his friends dressed him up in a burnoose, and he immediately looked very exotic. He appears to be looking down at something very important, but, in fact, was checking his cellphone. I moved him from Morocco to this painting of Spain, because I wanted a traditional looking figure in the painting.

Oil on canvas
24”w x 36”h